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2017/04/06 - Kamakura Report

With all cities in western Japan having officially declared their 2017 sakura season open (kaika), now everyone is focused on when full bloom (mankai) will happen.Earlier this week Tokyo officially declared that it...

2016/12/02 - Kamakura Report

Sometimes referred to as the Kyoto of Eastern Japan, Kamakura is awash with shrines and temples and is a hugely popular tourist destination, no less because it is situated less than an hour south of Tokyo. The foliage around the many holy sights usually bursts into color around early December, and so I was eager to get down to some of the celebrated sites to see for myself how the autumn colors were looking...

Ajisai Viewing in Kamakura

Today I headed out to Kamakura to visit a few temples famous for their hydrangea flowers. Hydrangea are called ajisai in Japanese, and typically bloom from around mid-June to mid-July, which coincides with the rainy season during the month of June.

2016/04/05 - Kamakura Report

The cherry blossom front has been sweeping through the country, as city after city throughout southern and central Japan have reached their peak. This past weekend and into this week the cherry blossoms are at their...

2015/12/01 - Kamakura Report

After some great cool autumn weather the weekend past, I headed to Kamakura and Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture to check out how the autumn colors were...

2014/12/02 - Kamakura Report

Three months since the start of the autumn season the colors have finally made their way down to Kamakura which is typically one of the last places in Japan to see the changing colors. While the season...

2014/04/04 - Kamakura Report

As the cherry blossoms continue to peak around Kyoto, the sakura season in Tokyo is starting to wind down. Over in...

2013/12/06 - Kamakura Report

Today I visited Kamakura, the city that was the political center of Japan during the Kamakura Period (1192-1333). Kamakura is no longer of political...

2013/03/26 - Kamakura Report

Today I returned to reporting from the Kanto Region of Japan with a quick trip down to Kamakura about an hour south of Tokyo. Despite being so...

2012/12/05 - Kamakura Report

Almost three months after our first autumn report, the colors have finally begun to change around Kamakura. Typically one of the latest places in Japan where the leaves change, the season doesn't usually...

Hydrangea Flowers in Kamakura

Let's take this opportunity to wish all fathers a belated Happy Father's Day. Today we made a trip to Kamakura to check out the hydrangea. Hydrangea are called Ajisai in Japanese, and they remind most Japanese...

2012/04/12 - Kamakura Report

Like Yokohama, which I visited earlier this morning, the cherry blossoms around Kamakura reached full bloom a few days ago and, while not severely affected by yesterday's rain, are approaching the end if...

2011/12/08 - Kamakura Report

Today I paid a visit to Kamakura, which is one of the last places in Japan where the leaves change colors. In a typical year the autumn colors (koyo) around Kamakura reach their peak from early to...