Yunotsuru Onsen (̒߉, literally: "crane of hot water") is a small hot spring town in the mountains not far from central Minamata, still located within the municipal limits of Minamata City. According to legend, the hot spring was discovered by an injured crane. Its waters are known to be effective in healing wounds.

The pleasantly run-down hot spring town of Yunotsuru stretches for just a few hundred meters along the central river in a very calm and rural setting. There are about half a dozen ryokan, many of which also open their baths to day-trippers for an admission fee of typically 200 to 500 yen.

Getting there and around

Yunotsuru Onsen can be reached from Minamata Station by infrequent buses (30 minutes, 150 yen one way, one bus every 2-3 hours). By car, it takes about 20 minutes from central Minamata.

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