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Valid as of April 1, 2017
Operated by: Kaetsuno Bus

This bus line is the best way to access Gokayama by public transportion. It runs between Ogimachi in Shirakawa-go and Takaoka Station. It also stops at Shin-Takaoka Station along the Hokuriku Shinkansen where you can transfer to trains to Tokyo and Kanazawa.

Along the way, the bus stops at various locations in Gokayama, including the villages of Suganuma and Ainokura. Between Ainokura and Takaoka, the bus also stops at JR Johana Station, the terminal station of the JR Johana Line, where budget conscious Japan Rail Pass holders can transfer to a train to Shin-Takaoka.

Takaoka Station     08:10 09:20   10:45   13:20 16:00
Shin-Takaoka Station     08:25 09:35   11:00   13:35 16:15
Johana Station 07:10 08:10 09:05 10:15 11:05 11:40 12:45 14:15 16:55
Ainokura 07:33 08:33 09:28 10:38 11:28 12:03 13:08 14:38 17:18
Suganuma 07:48 08:48 09:43 10:53 11:43 12:18 13:23 14:53 17:33
Shirakawago 08:25 09:25 10:20 11:30 12:20 12:55 14:00 15:30 18:10

Shirakawago 07:00 09:15 10:15 11:45 12:50 13:50 14:45 15:35 16:00
Suganuma 07:31 09:46 10:46 12:16 13:21 14:21 15:16 16:06 16:31
Ainokura 07:45 10:00 11:00 12:30 13:35 14:35 15:30 16:20 16:45
Johana Station (arr.) 08:15 10:30 11:30 13:00 14:05 15:05 16:00 16:50 17:15
Johana Station (dep.) 08:20     13:05   15:10 16:05   17:20
Shin-Takaoka Station 08:55     13:40   15:45 16:40   17:55
Takaoka Station 09:10   13:55 16:00 16:55 18:10

A = operates everyday
Z = operates only on weekends and public holidays

Seat reservations are not possible on these buses. The buses are not covered by the Japan Rail Pass, but they are covered by the Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass.

Shirakawago - Takaoka/Shin-Takaoka
1800 yen
Shirakawago - Ainokura
1300 yen
Shirakawago - Suganuma
860 yen
Suganuma - Takaoka/Shin-Takaoka
1200 yen
Ainokura - Takaoka/Shin-Takaoka
1000 yen

Several discount passes are available for this bus line:

  • Gokayama Free Kippu (2500 yen)
    Round trip between Takaoka Station and Johana Station and free use of buses between Johana Station and Gokayama, but not as far as Shirakawago. Valid for up to two consecutive days.
  • Gokayama-Shirakawago Free Kippu (3500 yen)
    Round trip between Takaoka Station and Johana Station and free use of buses between Johana Station and Shirakawago, including Gokayama. Valid for up to two consecutive days.
  • Takaoka-Shirakawago One Way Free Kippu (2000 yen)
    One way trip from Takaoka Station to Shirakawago with stopovers allowed along the way between Johana Station and Shirakawago. Valid for up to two consecutive days. A similar ticket is available for one-way travel in the opposite direction.
  • Shirakawago Gokayama World Heritage Bus Ticket (3700 yen)
    Unlimited use of buses between Johana Station and Shirakawago and a 1-way bus ride between Shirakawago and Takayama (in either direction). The ticket is valid for three consecutive calendar days and can be purchased at the Takayama Bus Terminal, the tourist information desk next to Johana Station and the bus ticket counter at Takaoka Station.

Bus stop locations

In Shirakawago, the buses serve the Shirakawa-go bus stop. (see map)

Suganuma bus stop is located along the main road at the entrance to the village. (see map)

Ainokura-guchi bus stop is located along the main road, a five minute walk from the village of Ainokura. (see map)


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Page last updated: April 17, 2017