Urakuen (有楽苑) is a Japanese garden in Inuyama, just to the east of Inuyama Castle. It is the site of Joan, one of Japan's most celebrated teahouses and a designated national treasure.

Joan was originally built in 1618 as part of a temple complex in Kyoto alongside a study room called Shodenin Shoin. It was built by Oda Uraku, a younger brother of the great Oda Nobunaga and a disciple of Sen-no-Rikyu, Japan's most famous tea ceremony master.

In 1972, the study and the teahouse were moved from Kyoto to its present location in Urakuen, which was named after Oda Uraku. Today, visitors to this serene landscape garden can view both Shodenin Shoin and Joan from the outside.

Also located at Urakuen's tranquil precincts are a bamboo grove and the Koan teahouse where visitors can enjoy tea and sweets for an additional fee. Usually in the second half of November, the garden's lush greenery offers some nice autumn colors.

Getting there and around

Urakuen is located at the foot of Inuyama Castle. The garden is a ten minute walk from Inuyama-Yuen Station or a 15 minute walk from Inuyama Station. The entrance to the garden is located beside the car park of the Meitetsu Inuyama Hotel.

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