Getting to Inuyama

Inuyama is located about half an hour north of Nagoya. Meitetsu Railway provides the easiest access. An alternative approach by JR trains makes sense only if you have a Japan Rail Pass, because it is considerably slower but saves pass holders 400 yen.

By Meitetsu
  • Direct
  • 25-30 min
  • ¥570-930
  • Every few minutes

There are several direct trains per hour to Inuyama, departing from Meitetsu Nagoya Station, just next to JR Nagoya Station. The one way ride takes 25-30 minutes and cost 570 yen. Reserved seating is offered on board of some trains and costs an additional 360 yen.

  • 2 transfers
  • 60 min
  • ¥1030
  • 2 trains/hour
Covered by: Japan Rail Pass(except 170 yen for Unuma-Inuyama section)

The closest JR station to Inuyama is Unuma Station on the Takayama Line, where you have to transfer to a Meitetsu train to Inuyama. The Meitetsu Station is called Shin-Unuma Station, and trains take three minutes and 170 yen to Inuyama. From Nagoya, Unuma Station can be reached by JR trains in about 50 minutes with a transfer at Gifu.

Above fees and schedules are subject to change. Be sure to check current yen exchange rates.

Getting around

Urakuen stands in the grounds of the Meitetsu Inuyama Hotel at the foot of Inuyama Castle. Both are about a 15 minute walk west of Inuyama-Yuen Station or a 20 minute walk west of Inuyama Station. Meiji Mura is a 20 minute bus ride east of Inuyama Station.