Fukenoyu Onsen (m) is a rustic hot spring in Akita Prefecture, just a few kilometers below the summit of Mount Hachimantai in Towada-Hachimantai National Park. Like nearby Goshogake Onsen, the slopes around Fukenoyu feature an interesting volcanic hot spring field where onsen waters bubble up directly out of the ground. These acidic waters are thick with mineral deposits (yunohana) and are said to be effective against neuralgia, infertility, gastrointestinal disorders, skin disease and fatigue among other ailments.

Fukenoyu features just a single, rustic ryokan that opens up its bathing facilities to non-staying guests during the daytime for 600 yen. While the baths inside the ryokan are fairly regular, the real treat at Fukenoyu are its outdoor baths (rotenburo) that were built in the midst of the hot spring field. The facilities include gender separated pools and a geothermal sauna. Note that while shielded from the trail, some of the pools are quite visible from the (distant) parking lot above. Fukenoyu is closed in winter (mid November to mid April).

Getting there and around

Fukenoyu Onsen is not accessible during the winter from mid November to mid April due to winter road closure. Furthermore, buses to Fukenoyu Onsen do not operate on weekdays.

From Tazawako Station in the south

On weekends and during holidays from mid April to late October, there are two buses per day between Tazawako Station and Fukenoyu Onsen (2 hours, 1950 yen). The buses also stop at Tazawa-kohan bus stop at the eastern shores of Lake Tazawa, Tamagawa Onsen and Goshogake Onsen.

From Kazuno-Hanawa Station in the north

On weekends and during holidays from mid April to late October, there are one or two bus connections per day between Kazuno-Hanawa Station and Fukenoyu Onsen that require a transfer at the Asupite Iriguchi bus stop along the way.

From Mount Hachimantai in the east

On weekends and during holidays from mid April to late October, there are very infrequent buses between Fukenoyu Onsen and Hachimantai-chojo bus stop near the summit of Mount Hachimantai (20 minutes, 400 yen). Hachimantai-chojo is connected by a different bus with Morioka.

How to get to and around Hachimantai

Hours and Fees

Fukenoyu Onsen Baths (non-staying visitors)