Nasu-Shiobara (ߐ{) is the area around Mount Nasudake, an active volcano in the northernmost corner of Tochigi Prefecture. Part of Nikko National Park, Nasu-Shiobara's forested highlands are home to several hot springs including Nasu Onsen on the volcano's slopes and Shiobara Onsen, a town in a forested valley southwest of the mountain.

Besides hot springs, Nasu-Shiobara is known for its natural scenery. Mount Nasudake is a popular hiking destination, and there are various other forested hiking trails that lead to waterfalls and pedestrian suspension bridges along the mountain's lower slopes.

Top attractions in Nasu-Shiobara


Nasu Onsen

Hot spring resort on the slopes of Mount Nasudake.
3.8 / 5

Shiobara Onsen

Hot spring resort along a forested valley.
3.6 / 5

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