How to get to Kirishima

From Kagoshima

From Kagoshima (how to get to Kagoshima), take a local (1 hour, 860 yen, departures every 2 hours) or limited express train (50 minutes, around 1500 yen, departures every 1-2 hours) to Kirishima Jingu Station, from where there are buses into Kirishima National Park.

From Kagoshima Airport

Direct buses operate every 1-4 hours from Kagoshima Airport via Maruo Onsen (35 minutes, 760 yen) to the Kirishima Iwasaki Hotel (40 minutes, 830 yen). Alternatively, rental cars are available at the airport.

From Miyazaki

From Miyazaki, take a local train (2.5 hours, 1500 yen, hourly connections via Miyakonojo) or limited express train (80 minutes, about 3000 yen, departures every 1-2 hours) to Kirishima Jingu Station, from where there are buses into Kirishima National Park. Alternatively get off at Miyakonojo Station (80 minutes, 950 yen by hourly local trains; or 45 minutes, about 2000 yen by hourly limited express trains), from where buses depart to Kirishima Shrine (70 minutes, 1260 yen, departures every 2-5 hours).

Above fees and schedules are subject to change. Be sure to check current yen exchange rates.

Getting around

Kirishima is a volcanic mountain range that sits on the border between Miyazaki and Kagoshima Prefectures with Miyazaki to the northeast and Kagoshima to the southwest. The two most prominent resort towns in the are are Ebino Kogen in Miyazaki and Kirishima Onsen in Kagoshima.

It is easiest to explore Kirishima by rental car due to the infrequent and inconvenient public transportation system that is available within the park. Rental car outlets are available in Miyazaki, Kagoshima and at Kagoshima Airport.

Bus service around Kirishima deteriorated terribly during the coronavirus pandemic and is now not really a practical option for tourists anymore. Service is particularly bad on weekends and public holidays. Kirishima Onsen is served by infrequent buses departing from JR Kirishima Jingu Station (30 minutes, 560 yen, departures every 1-4 hours), JR Kirishima Onsen Station (25 minutes, 520 yen, departures every 2-5 hours; no service on weekends and public holidays) and Kagoshima Airport (35 minutes, 760 yen, departures every 1-4 hours).

Ebino Kogen is not well served by public transportation. There are three buses from Maruo Onsen to Ebino Kogen per day that continue to the Takachiho-gawara Visitor Center afterwards. In the opposite direction, there are only two buses per day.

Bus network around Kirishima: