Steam Cooking

Beppu's hot springs generate not only abundant amounts of water but also a lot of steam that can be seen blowing out here and there across the city. For centuries, people have been harnessing the naturally hot steam for cooking food. The resulting dishes are called "Hell Steam Cuisine" and are simple and healthy due to the gentle, additive-free cooking method. The naturally mineral-laden steam is also said to bring out the true flavors of the food.

Tourists have the opportunity to steam their own meals at the Jigokumushi Kobo Steam Cooking Center (nH[S, Jigokumushi Kōbō Kannawa) near the hells of the Kannawa District. Staffed by volunteers, the center is a mix between restaurant and public kitchen with rows of steam chambers that can be rented to cook food in.

The Jigokumushi Kobo Cooking Center

Visitors can either bring their own food or purchase a variety of reasonably priced, prepared plates of vegetables, chicken, seafood, pork buns, rice bowls and other dishes for between 150 and 3000 yen, although most meal-sized portions cost around 1000 yen. Ice cream and drinks are also available, but note that alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the premises.

Once you have your food, head over to the kitchen area and rent your steam chamber. 510 yen will get you 30 minutes which should be enough for most dishes, although you can extend your time for 150 yen per additional 10 minutes. One of the volunteers will guide you to a steam chamber and help you set up the food. Set a timer and come back to take out your food when it is done.

A plate of vegetables, meat and sausages ready for cooking

The center has indoor tables plus a nice outdoor terrace that you can eat on when the weather is good. Tea, utensils and condiments are provided, so there is no need to bring your own. As the cooking center is staffed by volunteers, once you are finished eating, you are expected to return your plates and clean up your area by yourself.

A few steps down the street from the steam cooking center are two foot baths: one is a regular water bath as seem in many other hot spring resorts across Japan, but the other one is a rather unique steam foot bath. To use it, sit in one of the chairs, insert your legs into the steam chamber, and cover them with the provided box. Both baths are free to use.

Steam foot bath


The Beppu Steam Cooking Center is located a few steps down the street from the Kannawa bus terminal which can be accessed by frequently departing buses from JR Beppu Station in about 15 minutes. Bus number 5, 7 and 9 are the fastest.

How to get to and around Beppu

Hours and Fees


9:00 to 21:00 (last start for cooking at 20:00)


Third Wednesday of each month (or the next day if Wednesday is a holiday)


340 yen for 20 minutes of cooking time (150 yen per 10 minute extension); food sold separately (150-3000 yen)

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