The Kunisaki Peninsula (国東半島, Kunisaki Hantō) is situated in northern Oita Prefecture, facing the Seto Inland Sea. It has a number of valleys radiating from Mount Futago at its center. Mostly covered by forests and sparsely populated farmlands, the peninsula is dotted with temples of various stature, from the important Futagoji Temple and celebrated Fukiji Temple to less prominent, small and rustic ones.

The peninsula is home to a unique local Buddhist culture, called "Rokugo Manzan", which contains elements of Buddhism, Shinto and mountain worship, and revolves around the peninsula's numerous temples and Usa Shrine, the head shrine among thousands of Hachiman Shrines in Japan. The predominance of stone statues is a defining characteristic of the Rokugo Manzan culture.

At the south of the peninsula is the city of Kitsuki with its lovely, well-preserved samurai districts. Oita Airport is also located on the peninsula.

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