How to travel to Takahashi

Takahashi lies north of Okayama along the train line to Matsue. From Okayama Station take either a Yakumo limited express (35 minutes, about 2000 yen, hourly departures) or a local train (one hour, 840 yen, 1-2 trains per hour) along the JR Hakubi Line and get off at Bitchu-Takahashi Station. The trip is fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass.

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Takahashi is a compact town. Its old town is in easy walking distance of Bitchu-Takahashi Station and can be explored entirely on foot. The castle, however, is located on top of a steep mountain north of the town. While good walkers will enjoy the walk and climb there, others may want to opt for a taxi or taxi shuttle to the castle's parking lot from where it is only a short hike to the castle.

There are two bus lines that can help reduce walking distances: The Youme Town Shuttle Bus (100 yen per ride, operated by the local Youme Town shopping center) and the Takahashi City Loop Bus (160 yen per ride) run along an almost identical loop from Bitchu-Takahashi Station through the old town. Neither bus goes up to the castle, but both stop at the trailhead of the walking trail to the castle. Combined, they provide about 1-2 bus connections per hour.