Part of the Iwami Ginzan World Heritage Site, to the west of the mining area lies the pleasantly old-fashioned onsen town of Yunotsu ().

Already known as an area of relaxation during the feudal ages, today the town offers a couple of public baths, several ryokan and an attractive setting for an evening or morning walk through a townscape reminiscent of past decades.

The town's two public baths are:

  • Yakushiyu Public Bath
    Hours: 9:00 to 21:00 (from 8:00 on weekends and public holidays)
    Closed: no closing days
    Admission: 500 yen
  • Motoyu Public Bath
    Hours: 6:00 to 20:00 (from 15:00 on the third Monday of each month)
    Closed: some irregular closures
    Admission: 450 yen

The nearby ports of Okidomari and Tomogaura were used to ship away the silver from the Iwami Ginzan Mines. The ports feature Hanaguri-Iwa, special rocks that were used to moor boats to. These can be seen at Okidomari by taking a five minute hike around the bay. The narrow nature trail to the rocks starts at a little bridge that crosses the small creek on the right side of the dock.

The former roads, used to transport the silver from the mines to the ports, are now hiking trails. The trail to Okidomari and Yunotsu is 12 kilometers long and passes nearby two castle ruins, while the trail to Tomogaura is 7 kilometers long. There is a possibility of doing a loop hike as Yunotsu and Tomogaura (near Maji Station) are connected by the JR Sanin train line.

Getting there and around

Yunotsu is a station along the JR Sanin Line, one hour by limited express train (approx. 3000 yen) or two hour by local train (1520 yen) from Matsue. The town center is a 10-15 minute walk or short bus ride (140 yen) from Yunotsu Station. Okidomari is another 15 minute walk northwest of the town center.

If coming from Omori Town, take a bus to Nima or Oda-shi Station and transfer to the JR Sanin Line to Yunotsu. With a good connection, the journey takes about 45 minutes via Nima Station or about one hour via Oda-shi Station, but note that the train and bus service in the region is rather infrequent.

How to get to and around Iwami Ginzan