Joeiji (h, Jōeiji) is a Zen temple famous for its garden, Sesshutei. As its name suggests, the garden was built by the well-known monk, painter and garden designer Sesshu. It is a live representation of one of Sesshu's landscape paintings. Completed about 500 years ago, Sesshutei utilizes many vertically upright rocks, a style of rock arrangement distinct of the Muromachi Period (1333 - 1573).

Visitors can enjoy views of Sesshutei from the main temple building, and are welcomed to explore the building's spacious tatami mat rooms. They can then spend some tranquil moments strolling along the circular path that leads around the scenic garden. The precincts of Joeiji encloses several other beautiful Zen temple buildings, as well as a couple of raked pebble Zen gardens.


The nearest station to Joeiji Temple is Miyano Station, two stations north of Yamaguchi Station. To get to Miyano Station by train, it takes about 35 minutes and 330 yen from Shin-Yamaguchi Station or six minutes and 150 yen from Yamaguchi Station. Joeji Temple is a 15 minute walk from Miyano Station.

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Hours and Fees


8:00 to 17:00 (until 16:30 from December to March)
Admission ends 30 minutes before closing time


No closing days


300 yen