The Mount Fuji World Heritage Center, Shizuoka (ÉxmREYZ^[, Shizuoka-ken Fujisan Sekiisan Center) is a museum in Fujinomiya dedicated to Mount Fuji. Opened in 2017 to commemorate the mountain's designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site four years prior, the center boasts a viewing deck and a variety of exhibitions pertaining to the volcano's seismology, history and cultural significance. The building has an inverted conical form that reflects in the pond outside to reveal the shape of the iconic mountain.

Inside the museum visitors traverse a 200 meter long, sloped walkway that corkscrews up through and around the floors of the building. On the top floor is the Observation Hall, a sleek area with an open-air deck where visitors are afforded spectacular views of Mount Fuji. Within the center are also interesting features including time lapses and interactive exhibits that reveal how Fujisan was formed and the way humans have interacted with it through the ages. There is also a movie theater showing footage of the mountain in different seasons.

Getting there and around

The Mount Fuji World Heritage Center can be reached on foot in about ten minutes from Fujinomiya Station and is located along the main approach to Fujisan Sengen Shrine.

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