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Toyako Onsen (Ή, Tōyako Onsen) is a touristy hot spring resort town along the shore of Lake Toya, just at the foot of Mount Usu.

Several large luxury hotels stand right alongside the lake, offering rooms and hot spring baths with beautiful views of the lake. Visitors who are not guests at the hotels can still use some of the baths during the day for a fee of 500 to 1000 yen.

In front of the hotels runs a pleasant promenade with foot baths (ashiyu), and in the evening from May through October there are daily fireworks. The promenade is also the departure point for sightseeing boat cruises of the lake.


Toyako Onsen is the transportation hub in the Lake Toya region. Many bus routes pass or end here, including the buses to/from JR Toya Station (15 minutes, 330 yen, about one bus per hour) and the buses to/from Sapporo.

By car, Toyako Onsen can be reached in a five minute drive from Abuta-Toyako Interchange on the Doo Expressway.

How to get to and around Lake Toya

Page last updated: January 5, 2017