Takumi no Sato (たくみの里) is an arts and crafts village set amongst rice fields and apple orchards and against the backdrop of Minakami's mountains. Scattered throughout this small village are more than two dozen workshops and stores where you can shop for various Japanese crafts, as well as experience them first hand by either watching them being made or participating in a workshop to make them yourself.

The workshops in Takumi no Sato are within walking distance of each other, and the village makes for a nice day trip that is popular with families and couples. The various crafts that are available in the village range from traditional Japanese ones, such as making soba, washi paper, lacquer, indigo dyeing and bamboo weaving, to other crafts such as painting and glass etching. The workshops typically take about an hour and start at 500 to 1000 yen per person.

Getting there and around

Some buses on the Numata-Sarugakyo Line stop at Jomo Kogen Station and Takumi no Sato along the way. The one way trip from Jomo Kogen Station to the Takumi no Sato bus stop takes about 20 minutes and costs 740 yen. There is one departure every one to two hours. Jomo Kogen Station can be reached from Minakami Station by a separate bus ride (25 minutes, 630 yen, hourly departures).

Alternatively, the village can be reached in 20 minutes by car from the Tsukiyono Interchange.

How to get to and around Minakami

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