2017/10/27 - Onuma Park Report

Our coverage of this year's autumn color season began in Hokkaido over a month ago, and since then the color 'front' has swept down...

2017/05/03 - Hakodate Report

It's now six weeks since this year's cherry blossom season kicked off in Tokyo, and now, after the blossoms have come and gone in the vast majority of the mainland, the season is getting well under way in the...

2016/04/29 - Hakodate Report

The japan-guide cherry blossom reporting has finally reached Hokkaido, almost six weeks after our first report in Tokyo. Today, I am in Hakodate, a popular harbor town in southern Hokkaido, to check out a couple of...

2015/04/29 - Hakodate Report

This week, we bring you cherry blossom reports from Hokkaido. Today, I am in Hakodate, Hokkaido's third largest city in the southern tip of the island, and visited the city's top cherry blossom spots. Hakodate is a...

2013/05/09 - Hakodate Report

Today we wrapped up our 2013 cherry blossom reporting with a visit to Hakodate in southern Hokkaido...

2012/05/08 - Hakodate Report

The cherry blossoms of Hakodate officially opened on May 2 this year, slightly later than an average year. Peak was reached on May 5, and I read a report saying that the cherry trees remained in full bloom despite the rain yesterday;...

2011/05/06 - Hakodate Report

Schauwecker and I have followed the cherry blossoms to Japan's northermost region and the last place to find flowers: Hokkaido. Today we explored the most famous cherry blossom sites of Hakodate, and within the next few day will write our final report of the season from Sapporo.