Sandwiched between Tokyo and Yokohama, Kawasaki () is a large coastal city in Kanagawa Prefecture that stretches along the Tamagawa River. Kawasaki's city center lies near the heavily industrialized waterfront; however, the city becomes more and more suburban as you head further inland.

While not a major tourist destination, there are a few attractions found around the city including the Kawasaki Daishi temple in the city center, and several museums such as the Nihon Minkaen open-air museum and Fujiko F. Fujio Museum further out in the suburbs.

Top attractions in Kawasaki

Manga and Anime

Doraemon Museum

Formally known as Fujiko F. Fujio Museum.
4.2 / 5

Kawasaki Daishi

Large, popular temple in central Kawasaki.
3.2 / 5

Access and Orientation