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Nachi-Katsuura (ߒqY) is a town on the southeastern coast of the Kii Peninsula, best known for its onsen (hot springs) and its fishing industry.

As an onsen resort town, Nachi-Katsuura is characterized by several mega hotels dotting the coastline. These all encompassing complexes include on site restaurants, shops, numerous baths, karaoke, bars, izakaya, walking trails and more.

Two hotels in particular are well known for their baths: Urashima Hotel owns the Bokido Bath in a spacious, coastal cave, while Nakanoshima Hotel, located on its own private island, has outdoor baths with beautiful views of the coastal scenery. Both hotels are only accessible by boat and open their baths to non staying guests.

Nachi-Katsuura's other attraction is related to its fishing industry: the tuna market. Japanese fishermen bring in a large portion of the world's tuna catch, and Nachi-Katsuura hosts an impressive, early morning fish market that showcases this catch. Large tuna are auctioned off in a manner similar to Tsukiji market in Tokyo, although the scale of Nachi-Katsuura's market is much smaller.

Nachi-Katsuura and the Kii Peninsula are also known for their whaling culture. In nearby Taiji, a whale museum offers information on whales and the whale hunt from both historical and modern points of view. Whaling methods and practices are highlighted by the displays, and whale meat is on sale in the museum gift shop and in the region's restaurants.


Kii-Katsuura is a major station along the JR Kisei Line. The station is located in the town center of Nachi-Katsuura and only a short walk from the harbor.

Taiji Town and its whale museum are a 10 minute, 190 yen train ride south of Kii-Katsuura Station. From Taiji Station, it is a ten minute bus ride (100 yen, approx. one bus/hour) to the museum.

How to get to and around Kumano

Hours & Fees

Urashima Hotel Bokido Bath (for non staying guests)


9:00 to 19:00 (entry until 18:00)


December 13 t0 15 and 31 to January 3, May 3-4, June 28-30, August 12-15


1000 yen (includes entry to the hotel's other baths)

Nakanoshima Hotel Bath (for non staying guests)


14:00 to 20:00


A few irregular closing days


1000 yen

Taiji Whale Museum


8:30 to 17:00


No closing days


1300 yen

Hotels around Kumano

Page last updated: February 23, 2017