How to get to Uwajima

By train from Matsuyama (how to get to Matsuyama)

Uwajima can be reached from Matsuyama by limited express trains (about 80 minutes, 3000 yen, hourly departures) or local trains (about three hours, 1810 yen, one departure every 2-3 hours) on the JR Yosan Line. The trip is fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass and the All Shikoku Rail Pass.

By ferry from Beppu (how to get to Beppu)

Beppu is connected to Yawatahama by ferry (about three hours, 3100 yen for the cheapest class fare, six daily departures). To get to Uwajima from Yawatahama Ferry Terminal, walk for 20 minutes to Yawatahama Station and take a limited express train (about 30 minutes, 1500 yen, hourly departures) or a local train (about one hour, 660 yen, one departure every 2-3 hours) on the JR Yosan Line to Uwajima.

By train from Kochi (how to get to Kochi)

Uwajima can be reached from Kochi by first taking a limited express train on the JR Dosan Line to Kubokawa, followed by a transfer to a local train on the JR Yodo Line to Uwajima. The entire one way journey takes 3.5 to 4 hours and costs approximately 4500 yen. Using only local trains for the whole journey saves about 1500 yen but adds up to two hours to the travel time. The trip is fully covered by the All Shikoku Rail Pass, but Japan Rail Pass holders have to pay a supplement fee of 210 yen, because the trains partially use non-JR tracks.

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The sights of Uwajima are located within walking distance of Uwajima Station. From the station, it takes about a 10-15 minutes to walk to the gate of Uwajima Castle and about a 20-30 minutes to walk to the Date Museum. The town is also suitable for exploration by bicycle. Rental shops can be found close to Uwajima Station. Rental fees are about 100 yen per hour. Taxi rides around the city center are unlikely to cost more than 1000 yen.

Uwajima Bus offers the alternative method to get around town. Hourly buses connect Uwajima Station, Uwajima Bus Center (located at the foot of Uwajima Castle, a short walk from the castle's gate) and the Tenshaen-mae (V͉O) bus stop that serves Tenshaen Garden and the Date Museum. It costs 150 yen for a one way ride between these destinations. Due to a lack of English information, it can be slightly challenging for foreign tourists to use these buses.