How to travel between Gujo-Hachiman and Nagoya

By highway bus

Gifu Bus operates two round trip buses per day between Meitetsu Bus Center (next to JR Nagoya Station) and Gujo (Jokamachi Plaza bus terminal in the town center). The one way trip takes 80 minutes and costs 2260 yen.

Nohi Bus, Meitetsu and JR Tokai Bus operate buses every 1-2 hours between Nagoya (Meitetsu Bus Center) and Takayama, which stop along the way at "Gujo-Hachiman Inter", a bus stop that is located along the expressway outside of the town center. The one way trip between Nagoya and Gujo takes 90 minutes and costs 2200 yen. A round trip ticket is available for 4000 yen and is valid for four days.

Gifu Bus also runs buses every 1-2 hours between Gifu (Meitetsu and JR Gifu Stations) and Gujo, all of which stop in the town center. The one way trip takes about 75 minutes and costs 1550 yen. Gifu can be reached from Nagoya Station by JR or Meitetsu trains in less than 30 minutes and for around 500 yen.

Online reservations can be made on the Willer website. None of the above buses are covered by the Japan Rail Pass.

By train

Gujo-Hachiman is connected by Nagaragawa Railway with Mino-Ota Station (80 minutes, 1380 yen, not covered by the Japan Rail Pass), from where you can catch a JR limited express train (40 minutes, about 2500 yen) or local trains (70 minutes, 990 or 1170 yen via Tajimi or Gifu) to Nagoya.

Above fees and schedules are subject to change. Be sure to check current yen exchange rates.

Getting around

Gujo's town center is relatively small and can be explored entirely on foot. Alternatively, you can rent bicycles from the tourist information office for 300 yen per day (600 yen for electric bicycles). Of all major sightseeing spots, only the Iwasaki Sample Village near the railway station and the Otaki Cave are not located in the town center.

Gujo's railway station, Gujo-Hachiman Station, however, is situated more than one kilometer west of the town center, close to Iwasaki Sample Village. Similarly inconvenient is the location of the highway bus stop "Gujo-Hachiman Inter" where many highway buses from Nagoya stop.

Much more centrally located is the "Gujo-Hachiman Jokamachi Plaza" bus terminal, which is served by some buses from Nagoya and all buses from Gifu. A loop bus, called Mame Bus, runs hourly between the railway station, the "Shimo-Osakicho" bus stop near the expressway and Jokamachi Plaza in the town center in both directions. One ride costs 100 yen, while a day pass for unlimited rides on a given calendar day costs 200 yen.