Gujo Hachiman Castle (S㔪, Gujō-Hachimanjō) was built in 1559 by the local feudal lord on the top of a hill. Although the castle had been destroyed in the early Meiji Period, it was rebuilt in 1933. Unlike most reconstructed castles, Gujo Hachiman's was rebuilt using wood rather than concrete. However, its interior does not follow its original design.

The castle's hilltop location provides a beautiful view of the town in the valley below. Maple trees surround the castle and make the area particularly attractive during the autumn leaf season in early to mid November. During this time, the colorful leaves are further showcased by a night time light display.

Getting there and around

The castle is located on a hill in the northeastern corner of town. While the castle can be reached by car or taxi, there is no access provided by public transportation. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the castle from the town center on foot.

How to get to and around Gujo Hachiman

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