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One of Yudanaka Onsen's main streets, just beside the train station

Yudanaka Onsen has a long history as a hot spring resort, dating back hundreds of years like the neighboring Shibu Onsen. However, Yudanaka has seen more development, giving it a more modern atmosphere. The atmosphere becomes more traditional as one walks upwards from the bottom of the gently sloping town, where the Yudanaka train station is located.

Yudanaka Station is the last stop along the Nagaden Nagano Line, so people traveling by train will first arrive in Yudanaka before exploring the rest of the Yamanouchi area. Right inside the station is the Kaede no Yu public bath, allowing visitors to start enjoying the area's hot spring water immediately upon arrival. There is a free footbath located just outside the station for travelers not quite ready to completely submerge in the water .

A street near the top of Yudanaka Onsen


Yudanaka Onsen is the main entry point to the Yamanouchi area. It is the final stop of the Nagaden Nagano Line from Nagano Station (70 minutes, 1160 yen by local train or 50 minutes, 1260 yen by limited express).

How to get to and around Yamanouchi

Hours & Fees

Kaede no Yu


10:00 to 21:00 (entry until 20:30)


The first Tuesday of each month (or following day if Tuesday is a national holiday)


300 yen

Hotels around Yamanouchi

Page last updated: August 19, 2016