How to get to Norikura

Norikura is most commonly accessed from Matsumoto (how to get to Matsumoto): take the Matsumoto Electric Railway from Matsumoto to Shin-Shimashima Station (30 minutes, 710 yen) and change to an Alpico bus to Norikura Kogen (45 minutes, 1350 yen).

From July to October, buses depart every 1-2 hours from Norikura Kogen to the bus terminal near the summit of Mount Norikuradake (50 minutes, 1750 yen one way, 3400 yen round trip). Alternatively, you can hire a taxi (45 minutes, around 9000 yen one way).

Above fees and schedules are subject to change. Be sure to check current yen exchange rates.

Getting around

The Kanko Center (観光センター) in Norikura Kogen is the main bus terminal in Norikura, where buses from Matsumoto terminate, and buses up Mount Norikuradake depart from. There is also a large parking lot at the Kanko Center where drivers can leave their cars and transfer to a bus, because the road up Mount Norikuradake is closed to private cars.

Another transportation hub further down the valley is the Sawando Bus Terminal, where most of the local bus lines meet and enable transfers between buses to/from Norikura, Kamikochi, Shirahone Onsen and Takayama.