How to get to Kawagoe

Kawagoe is connected with central Tokyo by three railway companies: Tobu, Seibu and JR.

By Tobu

Kawagoe Station, Kawagoe-shi Station and Ikebukuro Station are connected by frequent trains along the Tobu Tojo Line (30 minutes by express trains, 480 yen one way).

The "Kawagoe Discount Pass" is an exclusive offer for foreign tourists that provides a round trip between Ikebukuro and Kawagoe for only 710 yen. It is valid on one calendar day and can be purchased at Ikebukuro Station. The pass also provides discounts at a few selected establishments in Kawagoe. A "premium" version for 970 yen also covers unlimited rides on selected local buses. The passes are not available to residents of Japan.

By Seibu

Hon-Kawagoe Station and Seibu Shinjuku Station are connected by frequent express trains along the Seibu Shinjuku Line (50-60 minutes, 510 yen one way). In addition, there are 1-2 limited express trains per hour that take only around 45 minutes and cost 1010 yen.


Kawagoe Station and Shinjuku Station are also connected by frequent direct rapid trains via Omiya along the JR Saikyo/Kawagoe Line (55 minutes, 770 yen one way). This trip is fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass.

Above fees and schedules are subject to change. Be sure to check current yen exchange rates.

Getting around

Kawagoe has three railway stations. Hon-Kawagoe Station (Seibu) is slightly closer to the main sights than Kawagoe Station (JR and Tobu) and Kawagoe-shi Station (Tobu). The city can be leisurely traveled on foot or by bicycle. The Warehouse District is a 10-15 minute walk from Hon-Kawagoe Station. Kitain and Honmaru Goten are both about a 10 minute walk from the Warehouse District and from each other.

There is also a network of buses which connects Kawagoe Station and Hon-Kawagoe Station with the city's main sights. Among the bus lines are two loop buses for tourists that run along similar routes and are operated by separate companies:

The Tobu Koedo Loop Bus provides access to all the main attractions of the city, and a one-day pass costs 400 yen. The buses make their round trips every 50 minutes on weekdays and every 15 to 30 minutes on weekends and national holidays.

The alternative is the Co-Edo Loop Bus, which is a vintage-looking shuttle bus. Single trips cost 200 yen, while a day of unlimited travel costs 500 yen. The buses operate every 20-30 minutes.