How to travel between Abashiri and Tokyo

By air

JAL, ANA, Air Do and Peach Aviation operate multiple round trips per day between Tokyo's Haneda Airport (except Peach which serves Narita Airport) and Memanbetsu Airport, 30 minutes by bus from Abashiri. Flight time is 100 minutes. The regular one way fare by JAL is around 47,000 yen; however, discount tickets are typically available for between 14,000 and 19,000 yen, and air passes for tourists can cost even less. Air Do's fares are typically 20 percent lower, while fares by Peach start from around 6,000 yen one way.

By train

The train journey between Tokyo and Abashiri leads via Sapporo:
1) How to get from Tokyo to Sapporo
2) How to get from Sapporo to Abashiri

Above fees and schedules are subject to change. Be sure to check current yen exchange rates.

Getting around

Abashiri has a longish city center without prominent landmarks. JR Abashiri Station stands at its western end. The Prison Museum, Ryuhyo Museum and Museum of Northern Peoples are located on nearby Mount Tento, a 5-10 minute bus or car ride from the city center.

Memanbetsu Airport is located approximately 20 kilometers southwest of Abashiri. The bus trip from the airport to JR Abashiri Station and Abashiri Bus Terminal takes about 30 minutes and costs 920 yen one way. Various rental car companies have outlets at the airport.

A tourist bus connects Abashiri Bus Center with JR Abashiri Station and the museums on Mount Tento. In winter, it also serves the ryuhyo cruise boat terminal. The buses operates daily every 60-90 minutes during the busier travel seasons, less frequent in the shoulder seasons and not at all on weekdays in the off-seasons. Fares are between 150 and 460 yen, depending on the distance traveled, or 800 yen for a one-day pass.