How to travel between Abashiri and Sapporo

By air

JAL and ANA operate several round trips per day between Sapporo (Shin-Chitose Airport) and Memanbetsu Airport, 30 minutes by bus from Abashiri. Flight time is about 45 minutes. The regular one way fare is around 26,000 yen, while discount tickets are typically available for between 12,000 and 19,000 yen.

By train

JR Okhotsk limited express trains take about 5.5 hours for the one way journey between Sapporo and Abashiri. The one way fare is around 9500 yen and is fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass. Special round trip tickets (known as R-Kippu), are available for around 16,500 yen.

By highway bus

Hokkaido Chuo Bus and Abashiri Bus operate eight daytime highway buses and one overnight bus per day between Abashiri and Sapporo. The one way journey takes six hours and costs 6390 yen. A round trip ticket is available for 12,040 yen. For timetables and online reservations, click here.

By car

Abashiri is about 400 kilometers or a six hour drive from Sapporo via Asahikawa, Sounkyo, Kitami and Bihoro.

Above fees and schedules are subject to change. For the current yen exchange rate, click here.


Abashiri has a longish city center without prominent landmarks. JR Abashiri Station stands at its western end. The Prison Museum, Ryuhyo Museum and Museum of Northern Peoples are located on nearby Mount Tento, a 5-10 minute bus or car ride from the city center.

Memanbetsu Airport is located approximately 20 kilometers southwest of Abashiri. The bus trip from the airport to JR Abashiri Station and Abashiri Bus Terminal takes about 30 minutes and costs 910 yen one way. Various rental car companies have outlets at the airport.

A tourist bus connects Abashiri Bus Center with JR Abashiri Station and the museums on Mount Tento. In winter, it also serves the ryuhyo cruise boat terminal. The buses operates daily every 60-90 minutes during the busier travel seasons, less frequent in the shoulder seasons and not at all on weekdays in the off-seasons. Fares are between 140 and 450 yen, depending on the distance traveled, or 800 yen for a one-day pass.