Yume Kyobashi Castle Road (夢京橋キャッスルロード, Yume Kyōbashi Castle Road) is a road just outside Hikone Castle's outer moat, which has been recently redesigned in a style combining the look and atmosphere of a former castle town with a pleasant, modern shopping street.

To achieve the castle town look, the buildings along the road have been designed like town houses from the Edo Period with white walls, blackened roofs and lattice doors. Various boutiques, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops line the street, which makes for a pleasant stroll after a visit to the castle.

Getting there and around

The Yume Kyobashi Castle Road starts at the Kyobashi Bridge, which leads over the outer moat, southwest of Hikone Castle, a 20 minute walk from the station.

How to get to and around Hikone

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