The Koka Ninja Village (b̗Ep, Kōka no Sato Ninjutsumura) is one of Koka City's ninja-related attractions, along with the Ninja House. The village is remote, rural and has a somewhat rundown compound housing a collection of old dwellings in a forest. In one of the houses, a staff demonstration is given to illustrate its various trapdoors and hidden compartments.

Other interesting features at the village include a shuriken (throwing star) throwing range and a nine stage obstacle course in which one can, for example, try to walk on water or scale walls with tools devised by the ninja. There is also a simple museum at the village displaying various manuals and tools utilized by the Koka Ninja in the past.

Getting there and around

It takes about 30 minutes to walk from Koka Station to the Ninja Village. A free shuttle bus may be waiting for the arrival of visitors at the north entrance of Koka Station. If the bus is not present, visitors may call 0748-88-5000 to request to be picked up. Alternatively, a taxi ride takes about ten minutes and should not cost more than 1500 yen one way.

How to get to and around Koka

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