The Toyama Municipal Folk Craft Village (xRs|, Toyama-shi Minzoku Mingei Mura) is a collection of multiple small museums in the wooded hills west of downtown Toyama City. The buildings themselves are often as interesting as the exhibits, with two being gassho-zukuri farmhouses relocated from more rural areas of the city and similar to those found in nearby Gokayama. Next to the folk village stands Chokeiji Temple with its 500 rakan statues.

Below is a list of the museums found at the folk craft village:

Museum of Medicine Peddlers

Thatched Roof Folk Art Museum

Museum of Folklore

Museum of Ceramic Art

Folk Art Museum

Museum of Archeology

Takamura Gyujin Memorial Art Museum

Adjacent to the folk craft village stands Chokeiji Temple. Originally built in 1786, the temple is known for its 500 statues of Buddhist disciples (gohyaku rakan) that line the hill next to the main hall. The statues display many different facial expressions and gestures, and no two look the same. The temple grounds have a peaceful atmosphere and afford views of the city below.

Getting there and around

From Toyama Station (bus stand #7), take bus number 92 for Kurehayama Rojin Center (HRVlZ^|) and alight at Toyama Minzoku Mingei (xRs|) bus stop in the center of the folk village. The one way ride takes 10 minutes and costs 260 yen. There is one bus per hour.

Alternatively, take tram number 2 or 5 from Toyama Station to Daigaku-mae (15 minute, 210 yen, frequent departures) or the JR Takayama Line to Nishi-Toyama Station (5 minutes, 190 yen, one train/hour) from where the folk village can be reached in a 15-25 minute walk.

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Toyama Municipal Folkcraft Village




Chokei-ji Temple