The Noto Peninsula (\o, Noto Hantō) makes up the northern half of Ishikawa Prefecture, extending about 100 kilometers into the Sea of Japan. The peninsula is known for its coastal scenery, particularly along the Okunoto Coast and the Kongo Coast, as well as for its rural atmosphere. Because the area's public transportation is limited, exploring the area is best done by rental car, which allows visitors much more freedom in exploring the region's attractions.

The secludedness of the Noto Peninsula is one of the main features that draws visitors, and it has been an enduring characteristic of the peninsula for hundreds of years. In the 12th century, members of the Taira family were banished to the area after their defeat in the Gempei War. The residences of some of the family's descendants, the Tokikuni Residences, have been preserved and are open to the public.

Much of the coastline of the Noto Peninsula has been given Quasi-National Park status. Small sections of the coast are marked as "pocket parks", and visitors are likely to come across some of them while traveling around the area. The peninsula's two main centers for tourists, Wajima City and Wakura Onsen, provide a relaxed atmosphere different from other cities in Japan.

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