Keta Taisha (気多大社) is a Shinto shrine with a history as a holy spot that dates back over 2000 years. It was designated as the most important shrine in the province of Noto. Keta Taisha is made up of a few buildings, with a number of trees encircled with shimenawa (sacred ceremonial ropes) and a sacred forest behind the main shrine buildings.

Keta Taisha enshrines Okuninushi, one of Shinto's most prominent deities who also happens to be a god of finding true love. Like at other shrines, visitors to Keta Taisha can buy ema, wooden plates upon which one writes a wish, and leave it at the shrine in hopes that the wish will be answered. The ema of Keta Taisha take after Okuninushi, and are made in the shape of hearts, arrows and other love-related things. The shrine is particularly popular among young women hoping for romance.

Getting there and around

From Hakui Station (55 minutes and 830 yen from Kanazawa or 45 minutes and 590 yen from Wakura Onsen), Keta Taisha can be reached by buses bound for Takahama or Togi. Get off at Ichinomiya bus stop (一の宮, 10 minutes, 250 yen, about one bus per hour), from where the shrine is a five minute walk.

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