September 20 to November 2, 2019

Held every four years, the Rugby World Cup will take place in Japan for the first time in 2019. Twenty teams will be playing 48 matches at twelve stadiums spread across the country from Hokkaido to Kyushu:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase tickets?

Tickets for the general public are sold in two phases: In a first phase, applications for a ticket ballot system were accepted from September 19 through November 12, 2018. In a second phase, tickets went on sale on a first-come first-served basis on January 19, 2019 at 10am (Japan Time) on the official ticketing website.

How much are tickets and what view can I expect?

There are four ticket categories available for purchase, and prices range from 2,019 yen to 100,000 yen depending on match and seat. Up to six tickets per match can be purchased by a single person. Seating plans and more detailed pricing can be found here and here respectively.

Where should I base myself or stay?

The matches are spread across the country over a period of about one and a half months. Depending on the tickets you have, it might be easier to base yourself in a nearby larger city where there would likely be more accommodation options and travel to the stadiums from there.

Is there a transport pass that I can buy?

Depending on your match tickets, there are a variety of rail passes that may be of use. The main one useful for covering large distances is the Japan Rail Pass. Otherwise, consider getting the regional passes that will also be useful when sightseeing in the area. More details on train tickets and passes can be found here.

Is there going to be public screening of the matches?

Yes, each host city has one or two Fanzones where matches are shown on large screens to the public on selected days. Admission is free. Besides live screening, the Fanzones also offer food and drinks, rugby-related activities and other entertainment.

Can the matches be watched on television?

NHK and Nippon TV will be broadcasting live more than half of the matches on their channels which are available for free at most hotels across Japan. NHK will broadcast some of the games on its General channel and some on its BS1 satellite channel. Note that Nippon TV is known under various different names outside of the Greater Tokyo region, such as Yomiuri TV in the Kansai Region around Osaka. Furthermore, all games will be broadcast live by J Sports, a set of pay-TV channels that require monthly subscriptions and are not usually available in hotel rooms.