How to get from Tokyo to Yokohama

Tokyu Toyoko Line

About 25 minutes and 280 yen from Shibuya Station
The Toyoko Line is the cheapest way to get from Tokyo and Yokohama. Make sure to board a limited express or express train, as they are much faster than local trains, but cost the same. From Yokohama Station, trains continue to run on the Minato Mirai Line to Motomachi-Chukagai, offering convenient access to most of central Yokohama's sights. North of Shibuya, the trains continue to run along the Fukutoshin Subway Line.

JR Tokaido Line

About 25 minutes and 480 yen from Tokyo Station
About 20 minutes and 300 yen from Shinagawa Station
The Tokaido Line provides the fastest connection between Tokyo Station and Yokohama Station.

JR Yokosuka Line

About 30 minutes and 480 yen from Tokyo Station
About 20 minutes and 300 yen from Shinagawa Station
The Yokosuka Line is only slightly slower than the Tokaido Line. Northwest of Tokyo Station, the line is known as Sobu Line and provides direct connections to Chiba and Narita Airport.

JR Shonan Shinjuku Line

About 30 minutes and 570 yen from Shinjuku Station
About 20 minutes and 400 yen from Shibuya Station
The Shonan Shinjuku Line provides a direct connection between Yokohama and Shinjuku, Shibuya and Ikebukuro in central Tokyo and Saitama, Gunma and Tochigi Prefectures north of Tokyo.

JR Keihin-Tohoku Line

About 40 minutes and 480 yen from Tokyo Station
About 30 minutes and 300 yen from Shinagawa Station
The Keihin-Tohoku Line is a slower, local connection between Tokyo and Yokohama. South of Yokohama Station, the line is known as Negishi Line and provides access to several sights in central and southern Yokohama.

Keikyu Keihinkyuko Line

About 20 minutes and 310 yen from Shinagawa Station
The Keikyu Railways connect Shinagawa with Yokohama and Haneda Airport. "Rapid limited express" trains are the fastest.

JR Tokaido Shinkansen

About 15 minutes from Tokyo Station to Shin-Yokohama
All trains along the Tokaido Shinkansen stop at Shin-Yokohama Station. Shin-Yokohama is about 10-15 train minutes from Yokohama Station and Yokohama's city center by the JR Yokohama Line or subway.

From the Airport

The closest airports to Yokohama are Narita Airport and Haneda Airport. Please visit the respective airport pages for access details.

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Getting around

Yokohama is served by four railway companies (Japan Railways, Tokyu Railways, Keikyu Railways and Sagami Railways, better known as Sotetsu), two municipal subway lines and a bus network that is operated partly by the city and partly by private bus companies.

The city has two major railway stations: Yokohama Station and Shin-Yokohama Station ("New Yokohama Station"). Train lines of all four railway companies and the subway line pass through Yokohama Station, which is located in the city center. Shin-Yokohama Station, on the other hand, is located outside of the city center, about ten minutes from Yokohama Station by the JR Yokohama Line or the municipal subway. The shinkansen (bullet trains) stop at Shin-Yokohama Station.

Most parts of central Yokohama can be explored on foot. For example, it is very pleasant to walk from Minato Mirai along the waterfront to Yamashita Park, visiting Osanbashi Pier along the way, and then proceed from Yamashita Park to the nearby Yamate district or Chinatown.

For those who prefer not to walk long distances, there is the Akaikutsu Loop Bus which connects Sakuragicho Station with most sights of interest in central Yokohama, and the Bayside Blue Bus which runs between Yokohama Station, Minato Mirai and other sights in central Yokohama. Buses run every 30-40 minutes, and the fare is 220 yen per ride or 500 yen for a day pass which is also valid on other buses and the municipal subway in central Yokohama.

The Suica and Pasmo prepaid cards, as well as eight IC cards from other major cities of Japan, can be used on virtually all trains, subways and buses in Yokohama, including the Akaikutsu Loop Bus.

Furthermore, it is also possible to travel by boat. The Seabass travels between Yokohama Bay Quarter (about 500 meters from Yokohama Station's east exit), Minato Mirai and Yamashita Park approximately every 15 minutes. Half of the services travel nonstop to Yamashita Park (15 minutes, 700 yen), while the others make two stops in Minato Mirai (10 minutes, 440 yen to Pacifico Convention Center; 20 minutes, 600 yen to Red Brick Warehouses) along the way.

Hotels around Yokohama

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Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel
Very good value just a short walk from the shinkansen station.
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Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu
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