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Sankeien (O≀) is a spacious Japanese style garden in southern Yokohama which exhibits a number of historic buildings from across Japan. There is a pond, small rivers, flowers and wonderful scrolling trails that make you think you are in Kyoto rather than Yokohama.

The garden was built by Hara Sankei and opened to the public in 1904. Among the historic buildings exhibited in the park are an elegant daimyo (feudal lord) residence, several tea houses and the main hall and three storied pagoda of Kyoto's old Tomyoji Temple.


From Yokohama Station

Take bus number 8 or 148 from the station's east exit to Sankeien-Iriguchi (30-35 minutes, 220 yen one way, frequent departures) from where Sankeien is another five minutes by foot. The same bus lines can also be boarded at Sakuragicho Station (20-25 minutes, 220 yen one way).

From Negishi Station

Take the JR Negishi Line to Negishi Station from where it is a ten minute bus ride by line number 58, 99 or 101 to Honmoku (220 yen one way, frequent departures). From there, Sankeien is another 5-10 minutes by foot. Alternatively, you can walk from Negishi Station to Sankeien in about 30-45 minutes or take a taxi (about 1000 yen one way).

How to get to and around Yokohama

Hours & Fees


9:00 to 17:00 (entry until 16:30)


December 29 to 31


500 yen

Hotels around Yokohama

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Located attractively along the Minato Mirai waterfront in an iconic, sail shaped building.
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Pan Pacific Yokohama Bay
Attractively located in the heart of Minato Mirai.
Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel
Very good value just a short walk from the shinkansen station.
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Page last updated: January 30, 2017