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Takuhaibin Service Center

Takuhaibin is a convenient service for sending parcels, luggage and various other types of goods from door to door nationwide. Delivery is usually on the next day, and costs are moderate.

Yamato Transport started the service in the 1970s and remains the market leader with their Takkyubin service. Although it is a registered trademark, Takkyubin commonly also refers to takuhaibin services in general. Yamato Transport's main competitor is Sagawa Express (Sagawa Kyubin).

Types of Goods

The range of goods, which can be sent by delivery services, has been increasing constantly over the years. Today it includes regular parcels, oversized boxes, cooled or frozen foods, computers, ski and golf equipment, not to be wrinkled clothes, furniture, travel bags and suitcases.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Locations

Goods can be sent from your home by scheduling a pick up time with the nearest service center or from your hotel by inquiring at the hotel reception.

Alternatively, goods can be dropped off at most of the countless convenience stores found across Japan, a variety of other stores that display a takuhaibin sign, airports and takuhaibin service centers. Some stores, such as souvenir shops, can arrange purchased goods to be directly sent to a designated recipient.

Similarly, goods can be delivered to basically any address in Japan, including private homes, offices, hotels, airports and takuhaibin service centers.

Tourists with a lot of luggage can consider takuhaibin as a means to send their luggage from the airport to a hotel or between hotels, in order to avoid hauling heavy luggage onto crowded trains and up and down stairways.

You can find the counters of several takuhaibin delivery companies in the arrival lobbies of airports. If you intend to send luggage to a hotel, make sure to contact the hotel before doing so. Not all hotels may be able to accept deliveries due to lack of storage space.

Delivery Time and Cost

Delivery is usually on the next day, although for short distances same-day deliveries may be possible. On the other hand, sending parcels to distant locations, such as Hokkaido or Okinawa, can take two days. Desired drop-off dates and times can be specified. Many companies allow deliveries to be delayed for a few days (typically up to one week). Express options at a higher cost are also offered by some of the companies.

The cost of using takuhaibin depends on the type, size and weight of the package and the destination. Below are some typical prices just to give a rough idea:

Regular parcel (30 cm x 30 cm x 30cm, less than 10 kg):

  • Within Greater Tokyo area: 1200 yen
  • From Tokyo to Osaka/Kyoto: 1300 yen
  • From Tokyo to Kyushu: 1600 yen
  • From Tokyo to Hokkaido: 1600 yen
  • From Tokyo to Okinawa: 2300 yen

Suitcase (80 cm x 40 cm x 30cm, less than 25 kg):

  • Within Greater Tokyo area: 1800 yen
  • From Tokyo to Osaka/Kyoto: 1900 yen
  • From Tokyo to Kyushu: 2200 yen
  • From Tokyo to Hokkaido: 2200 yen
  • From Tokyo to Okinawa: 3900 yen
  • Tokyo to Narita Airport: 2400 yen
  • Osaka/Kyoto to Kansai Airport: 2400 yen

Delivery service counters at an airport
Page last updated: September 5, 2012