How to travel between Onomichi and Tokyo

By shinkansen

Tokyo and Onomichi (Shin-Onomichi Station) are connected by the JR Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen. Because Shin-Onomichi Station is only served by Kodama trains, a transfer from/to a Hikari or Nozomi train is required at either Okayama Station or Fukuyama Station. Travel by Hikari may require an additional transfer to a Sakura train at Shin-Osaka Station.

The entire trip costs around 18,000 yen one way and takes about four hours by Nozomi or about five hours by Hikari. The Japan Rail Pass is valid on Hikari, Sakura and Kodama trains, but not on Nozomi trains.

By bus

The journey between Tokyo (Shinjuku) and Onomichi by the "Etoile Seto" overnight bus takes roughly 11 hours and costs 11,400 yen one way or 20,600 yen round trip. Buses are operated by Chugoku Bus and Odakyu Bus and run between Tokyo and Mihara, stopping at Onomichi along the way. Online reservations can be made through Willer and Japan Bus Online.

By air

JAL and ANA operate multiple flights per day between Tokyo's Haneda Airport and Hiroshima Airport. Flight duration is about 90 minutes. The regular one way fare is around 35,000 yen, however, discount tickets are usually available for between 13,000 and 20,000 yen.

From Hiroshima Airport, the "Fukuyama Limousine Bus" can be taken to Takasaka bus stop, where a transfer is made to the "Flower Liner" bus which travels to Onomichi Station. The trip costs 1130 yen and takes between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the transfer. Alternatively, the infrequent "Onomichi Hiroshima Airport" bus (2-3 buses per day) provides direct access between the airport and Onomichi. The one way trip costs 1130 yen and takes about an hour. Bicycles are allowed on the bus but they must be packed in their own bag.

Above fees and schedules are subject to change. For the current yen exchange rate, click here.


Onomichi is a small town with a downtown area that can be comfortably explored by foot. The town was built on a series of hills, so to walk between attractions often involves walking up or down slopes.

Onomichi has two main train stations: Onomichi Station, which is served by local JR trains, and Shin-Onomichi Station, which is served by the Sanyo Shinkansen. Onomichi Station is located at the western end of the downtown area, and Shin-Onomichi Station is located about three kilometers north of Onomichi Station. Traveling between the stations can be done by bus (15 minutes, 190 yen, every 15 to 30 minutes) or by taxi (10 minutes, 1100 to 1400 yen).

A convenient bus for tourists, called the Skip Line, travels in a clockwise loops around the downtown area, but unfortunately it runs only on weekends and national holidays. Buses depart every half hour from Onomichi Station between 9:30 and 16:30, except for a short break over lunch. Tickets cost 140 yen per ride or 500 yen for a day pass for unlimited rides on one calendar day.

Two cycling terminals of the Shimanami Kaido are located about 150 meters from Onomichi Station: a regular one in a parking lot just west of the Green Hill Hotel on the waterfront and the Giant Onomichi shop beside the parking lot in the Onomichi U2 complex.

There are three short ferry services that provide frequent connections between central Onomichi and the neighboring Mukaishima Island. The one way ride costs 60 to 100 yen per person plus 10 yen for a bicycle.

There are also longer ferry lines to other islands along the Shimanami Kaido, including one to Setoda Port (40 minutes, 1200 yen one way, 8 boats/day), which provides access to the Hirayama Museum and Kosanji Temple. See the Shimanami Kaido page for more details about other ferry lines.