Located outside of central Hiraizumi, Takkoku no Iwaya (BJA) is a temple constructed partially in the rock face of a cliff. It was built and dedicated to the god of warriors in the 9th century, during the Japanese expansion northwards and the ensuing battles with the indigenous Emishi people.

A small garden with pond is located at the base of the cliff, while additional temple halls are located a short walk into the woods to the right of the cliff.

Getting there and around

Takkoku no Iwaya stands about six kilometers outside of central Hiraizumi. Outside of winter, there is a bus that connects Hiraizumi Station with the temple roughly once per hour. The one way trip takes ten minutes and costs 400 yen. From early November to mid April, however, there is only one bus round trip per day.

Alternatively, the temple can be accessed by bicycle in about 20-40 minutes.

How to get to and around Hiraizumi

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