Beaches line the coast of the Boso Peninsula and are a popular and relatively easy daytrip from Tokyo. The eastern coast faces the Pacific Ocean, making surfing and body boarding popular activities, while the western coast offers calmer waters and views of Mount Fuji when visibility is very good.

Beach huts and rental shops are typically only open during the swimming season. These places provide beachgoers with showers, changing rooms, shaded rest areas, food and drinks. The swimming season on the Boso Peninsula lasts typically from mid July through August, similar to the season at other beaches around Tokyo. Surfing is a popular activity all year around, and there are a number of surf shops especially along the Kujukurihama Coast. Lifeguards patrol the beaches during the summer.

Snorkeling is not a popular activity on the Boso Peninsula except around the islands of Okinoshima and Niemonjima where small fish and sea insects can be seen. Clamming, on the other hand, is a popular activity from spring to early summer, especially along the Kujukurihama Coast.

Kujukurihama Coast

The Kujukurihama Coast on the eastern side of the Boso Peninsula is an approximately 60 kilometer long, sandy coastline lined with numerous beaches. Surfing and body boarding are popular activities along the coast, even in the winter. Below are some of the more popular beaches along Kujukurihama.

Tonoshita Beach

20 minutes by car or taxi from Yokoshiba Station

Katakai Beach

20 minutes by bus from Togane Station, followed by a five minute walk

Ichinomiya Beach

Ten minutes by bus from Kazusa Ichinomiya Station

South Boso Peninsula

The southern coast offers smaller beaches, many located in protected inlets that offer calmer waters.

Onjuku Beach

Seven minute walk from Onjuku Station

Moriya Beach

Ten minute walk from Kazusa Okitsu Station

Niemonjima Island

15 minute walk from Futomi Station, the a short ferry ride to the island (1350 yen for a 1-day pass)

Wadaura Beach

Seven minute walk from Wadaura Station

Minami Chikura Beach

20 minute walk from Chikura Station

Nemoto Beach

25 minutes by car or taxi from Tateyama Station

Hasama Beach

25 minutes by bus from Tateyama Station

Okinoshima Island

12 minutes by bus from Tateyama Station, followed by a 25 minute walk

Getting there and around

Some of the beaches are within walking distance of the nearest train station, while others require a bus or taxi ride. Parking lots are found near many of the beaches. Most are paid with daily rates starting from 1000 yen.

How to get to and around the Boso Peninsula