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Fujiten Snow Resort is a small ski resort along the northern base of Mount Fuji in the Fuji Five Lakes region. Fujiten is the larger of two ski resorts on Mount Fuji and offers good facilities and views of the mountain. The other one is the Snow Town Yeti on the mountain's southern base.

Fujiten has a respectable selection of runs with something to suit every ability. Its two 1300 meter long main courses are suitable for beginners, while a 500 meter long family slope is reserved for beginning skiers. The resort also features steeper, advanced courses and a terrain park with several large jumps, rails and boxes that attract talented skiers and snowboarders. Snow canons provide the resort with man made snow when nature does not cooperate, which is not an uncommon occurrence.

Fujiten also has a large kids park where children can sled, innertube, jump on a trampoline, learn to ski or just play in the snow. Admission to the kids park costs 700 yen per person, but is free for holders of full-day lift passes. Some of the activities require rentals or separate fees to participate in.

Kids Park
Fujiten Snow Resort
Fujiten is a small snow resort along the base of Mount Fuji. Although small, the resort has a good selection of slopes and includes a large kids snow park.
Early December to early April
(From December 8, 2017)
4 lifts
Full day 4500 yen
Half day 3500 yen
Nighter 2500 yen
Car 20 minutes from Kawaguchiko Station (about 4500 yen by taxi).
* Season dates may be adjusted due to lack of snow. Check before going.


There is no public transportation to Fujiten Snow Resort! The closest railway station is Kawaguchiko Station, from where it is a twenty minute taxi ride to the resort (about 4500 yen one way). Alternatively, a few rental car outlets can be found near Kawaguchiko Station.

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Page last updated: October 4, 2017