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Okukinu Onsen (S{) is a collection of four remote hot spring ryokan in the far back of a remote valley in the mountains of Tochigi Prefecture. The ryokan offer some of the most atmospheric, rustic outdoor baths in the Kanto Region, worlds apart from bustling Tokyo and built up Kinugawa Onsen.

Cars and buses can proceed into the valley only as far as Meotobuchi Onsen (vw) at the entrance to the Okukinu area. From there, staying guests can arrange to get picked up by their ryokan by van, while non-staying visitors have to hike up the valley for about 90-120 minutes (one way) to reach the four ryokan (Kaniyu, Haccho-no-yu, Nikkozawa and Teshirosawa), which stand about 10-15 minutes apart from each other. The hiking trail may not be passable during winter.

Among the four ryokan, Kaniyu (m) and Haccho-no-yu () are the most popular, each offering multiple indoor and outdoor baths with milky, sulfuric waters and views into the nature. The baths, some gender separated, some mixed, can also be entered by non-staying guests during daytime (9:00 to 15:00) for 500 yen per person and ryokan, while staying guests have the added pleasure of enjoying the local rustic cuisine, which traditionally includes hearty soups and and deer and bear meat.



Four buses per day (one bus about every three hours) run from Kinugawa Onsen Station as far as Meotobuchi Onsen (v, 95 minutes, 1540 yen one way), from where staying guests get picked up by their ryokan by van, while non-staying visitors have hike up the valley for about 90-120 minutes (one way) to reach the baths.

Travelers who access Okukinu by car can leave their car on a parking lot at Meotobuchi Onsen.

How to get to and around Kinugawa Onsen

Page last updated: August 13, 2014