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Kinugawa Onsen (S{쉷) is a popular hot spring resort town along the Kinugawa River in Tochigi Prefecture. The town is centered around the large hotel ryokan lining the riverbank, and offers many amusements such as the Tobu World Square and Nikko Edomura theme parks in addition to its hot spring baths.

Kinugawa was extensively developed in past decades, when many of the large ryokan complexes were built. Several of these have gone out of business over the years, leaving behind abandoned buildings on the riverbank. In response, the town has stepped up efforts in recent years to beautify the riverfront by removing some of the abandoned buildings while adding nature trails, parks and footbaths.

Kinugawa Onsen is close to Nikko, and is included in the free travel zone of many of the Tobu rail passes to the area. The town is a good place to overnight when visiting Nikko and can add a little fun and relaxation to complement the culture and nature of Nikko.

Top attractions in Kinugawa Onsen


Okukinu Onsen

Remote, rustic hot spring with excellent baths.
4.0 / 5
Amusement Park

Grand Maze

Takes an average of 40 minutes to complete.

Yunishigawa Onsen

Remote hot spring town known for its winter festival.
4.2 / 5

Hot Springs

Hot spring baths of Kinugawa Onsen.
3.7 / 5
Scenic Ride

River Cruise

With wooden boats down the Kinugawa River.
3.1 / 5
Nearby Attractions


Site of Nikko Toshogu, Ieyasu's mausoleum.
4.3 / 5

Access and Orientation

Page last updated: August 16, 2014