Japan offers many beautiful coastlines, mountains and gorges. While some of these natural treasures are difficult to access, others can be enjoyed comfortably and without much effort from trains, boats, ropeways and cars. The following is a selection of such scenic rides:


From the fast shinkansen to local lines, trains are one of the most convenient modes of transport in Japan. Among the hundreds of train lines covering the country, there are several that are known specifically for the scenic views along the way.

Kurobe Gorge Railway

Sagano Railway

Hakone Tozan Railway


Boat rides are a great way of seeing the waterways and coastlines of Japan. Cruises by traditional flat-bottomed boats ply along several picturesque rivers, while larger sightseeing boats explore lakes and coastlines.

Shiretoko Sightseeing Boats

Hozugawa River Cruise

Geibikei Boat Tour

Kinugawa River Cruise

Tokyo Water Bus

Ropeways and cablecars

Ropeways and cablecars are a convenient means of accessing mountainous terrain without having to hike up. Thanks to the high elevation, visitors are usually treated to great views.


Dozens of roads for the specific purpose of sightseeing have been built in scenic places across Japan, especially in the mountains and along coastlines. While some of them are toll roads and restricted to cars, others are free to use and also enjoyable for cyclists.

Osado Skyline


With its varied geography and extensive road network, Japan is a highly attractive country for both multi-day cycling tours and short bicycle excursions.

Kibi Plain