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Japan has a few dozen popular theme parks and amusement parks, including some world renowned brand names like Disneyland and Universal Studios. There are also a few parks unique to Japan, for example, Nikko Edomura, which is themed in a fun way after a town of the samurai era.

During the extravagant years of the bubble economy, many parks were built across Japan, several of which were forced to close again when the economy took a downturn. Those that remain in operation are the bigger and better received ones, usually with unique characters of their own. Below is a list of some of the best theme parks and amusement parks in Japan.

Best Amusement Parks in Japan

Amusement Park

Fuji Q Highland

Amusement park with outstanding roller coasters.
4.2 / 5

Meiji Mura

Open air museum about the Meiji Period.
3.7 / 5
Amusement Park


Amusement park featuring the popular toy.
Amusement Park


Amusement park with aquarium and rides.
3.5 / 5
Amusement Park

Space World

Amusement park in Kitakyushu City.
3.0 / 5
Amusement Park

Spain Mura

Amusement park with a Spanish theme.
2.7 / 5
Page last updated: February 12, 2016