Tobu Railway offers foreign visitors two discount passes for visiting Nikko from Tokyo. Both include a round trip to Nikko and unlimited travel in a given area:

The Nikko World Heritage Area Pass includes the round trip from Tokyo and unlimited travel on buses in central Nikko and on trains between Nikko and the Kinugawa Onsen area. The pass is valid on two consecutive days.

The Nikko All Area Pass is additionally valid on buses between Nikko and Okunikko and several other designated means of transport in the Nikko area. The pass is valid on four consecutive days.

Nikko Pass (for use from Tokyo's Asakusa Station)
April 20 to November 30
December 1 to April 19
Nikko World Heritage Area Pass
2,040 yen
Nikko All Area Pass
4,600 yen
4,230 yen

The maps below show the coverage areas of the two passes:


  1. The pass covers one round trip by Tobu Railway along the Skytree/Nikko Line from Tokyo's Asakusa Station to Nikko and back. The pass is not valid on trains to/from Shinjuku Station. It is not possible to get off at stations between Asakusa and the Nikko area, except at Tokyo Skytree Station and Tochigi Station.
  2. The round trip is fully covered if done by express and local trains as opposed to the faster limited express trains. If using a limited express train, the limited express fee has to be paid separately, but the pass provides a 20% discount (it ends up being around 1100-1200 yen one way).
  3. In the Nikko area, both passes cover the following buses and trains:
    • Tobu World Heritage sightseeing buses that loop through the town center of Nikko
    • Tobu buses between Nikko Station and Rengeishi bus stop
    • Non-express Tobu trains between Nikko, Shimo-Imaichi and Shin-Fujiwara
  4. The Nikko All Area Pass additionally covers the following buses, boats and ropeway:
  5. Both passes provide discounts at selected tourist facilities, restaurants and shops.
  6. The Nikko World Heritage Area Pass is valid on up to two consecutive calendar days (midnight to midnight), while the Nikko All Area Pass is valid on up to four consecutive calendar days.
  7. The pass can only be used by people with a non-Japanese passport.

Points of Sale

The passes can be purchased at the Tourist Information Center at Asakusa Station, or the Tobu Tourist Information Center or Tobu Top Tours travel agency at Ikebukuro Station.


Both passes are of excellent value and pay off easily. The Nikko World Heritage Area Pass (2040 yen) is 740 yen cheaper than regular round trip tickets between Tokyo and Nikko and is ideal for people who visit only the shrines and temples in the town center, while the Nikko All Area Pass is ideal for people who also visit the Okunikko area around Lake Chuzenjiko. The passes are of even better value for those who additionally also visit the Kinugawa Onsen area.

Alternative Tickets

Tobu also offers the Marugoto Nikko Free Pass (4610 yen, 4220 yen from December to March) and Marugoto Nikko Kinugawa Free Pass (6260 yen, 5740 yen from December to March) with slightly different coverage areas for visiting the Nikko and Kinugawa Onsen areas from Tokyo on up to four consecutive days. The passes are more expensive than the Nikko World Heritage Area Pass and Nikko All Area Pass, but they can also be purchased by Japanese passport holders.

Furthermore, Tobu Bus offers several bus passes for unlimited use of buses around Nikko which can be purchased at Tobu Nikko Station and JR Nikko Station:

  • Yumoto Onsen Free Pass (3000 yen): Two days between Nikko and Yumoto Onsen.
  • Chuzenji Onsen Free Pass (2100 yen): Two days between Nikko and Chuzenji Onsen.
  • Kirifuri no taki Free Pass (600 yen): One day between Nikko and Kirifuri Waterfall.

Hotels around Nikko

Recommended Hotels
Chuzenjiko Kanaya Hotel
Upscale mountain lodge style hotel in rustic log cabin buildings set in the forest.
Agoda Japanican Booking
Nikko Kanaya Hotel
This historic hotel was one of the first Western style hotels in Japan. It is conveniently located across the street from the temples and shrines of Nikko.
Agoda Japanican Booking
Turtle Inn Nikko
Inexpensive inn popular among foreign tourists, conveniently located 15 minutes walk from Nikko's temples and shrines.
Agoda Booking