Nestled in the mountains north of Tokyo, Nikko has long been popular as a summer escape for expats and locals. As a result, some of Japan's first Western style hotels were opened in Nikko during the early Meiji Period. Many visitors will find it convenient to stay around the central town area due to the proximity to Nikko's shrines and temples and the variety of accommodations available. However those who head into the mountainous national park area of Okunikko may prefer to unwind in the small resort towns around Lake Chuzenjiko or Yumoto Onsen.

Central Nikko Town Area

Nikko's town area offers a wide range of lodgings from inexpensive minshuku to upscale, historic hotels. The area's lodgings are within easy reach of Nikko's shrines and temples and a limited selection of restaurants and shops most of which close around 6pm.

Nikko Kanaya Hotel
This historic hotel was one of the first Western style hotels in Japan. It is conveniently located across the street from the temples and shrines of Nikko.
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Turtle Inn Nikko
Inexpensive inn popular among foreign tourists, conveniently located 15 minutes walk from Nikko's temples and shrines.
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Chuzenjiko Onsen

Chuzenjiko Onsen lies along the shore of Lake Chuzenjiko in the mountains high above the Nikko town area. The area is surrounded by nature and serves as a good base from which to explore the natural beauty of Okunikko. The small town offers a number of medium to high budget ryokan and resort hotels with hot springs, some of which lie along the lakeside, while others are set back in the trees. There are virtually no dining and entertainment options outside of the hotels once daytime visitors have departed.

Chuzenjiko Kanaya Hotel
Upscale mountain lodge style hotel in rustic log cabin buildings set in the forest.
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Hoshino Resort KAI Nikko
Luxury ryokan along the eastern shore of Lake Chuzenjiko.
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Yumoto Onsen

Located on the shores of Lake Yunoko deep in the back of Okunikko, Yumoto Onsen is a small, isolated hot spring town consisting of little more than a handful of hot spring ryokan and a marsh where the town's hot spring waters bubble up from the ground. A good choice for those looking for a getaway.

Okunikko Konishi Hotel
Ryokan hotel in Yumoto Onsen hot spring town.
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