Chikurin-in (|щ@) is a Buddhist temple along the border of the Naka and Kami Senbon areas of Mount Yoshino. Formerly an accommodation for the practitioners of the Shugendo mountain worship, Chikurin-in now serves as an attractive, traditional ryokan open to all types of travelers. Like most accommodations in Yoshino, the Chikurin-in ryokan gets booked out far in advance during the busy cherry blossom season.

The temple is also well known for its beautiful landscape garden, Gunpoen, which is said to have been designed by the famous tea master Sen-no-Rikyu. The garden surrounds a large pond lined by dozens of cherry trees and is open to visitors. Walking trails lead up the hill behind the pond to an archery ground, tranquil rest areas and viewpoints from where you can see out over the mountain slopes to Kinpusenji Temple.

Gunpoen Garden


Chikurin-in Temple is a 30 minute walk from the upper station of the Yoshino Ropeway (Yoshinoyama Station).

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Hours & Fees

Gunpoen Garden


8:00 to sunset


Irregular closing days for maintenance


300 yen
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