Sakuramotobo (N{V, Sakuramotobō), like other temples around Yoshino, is a center of Shugendo mountain worship. Founded some 1350 years ago, it was built by Emperor Tenmu on the spot where he dreamt of a beautiful cherry tree at full bloom in the middle of winter, a vision that foretold his ascension to the throne. There are several cherry trees around the temple, however the centerpiece is a large weeping cherry tree.

The temple's main object of worship is a statue of En no Gyoja, the founder of Shugendo. Several other statues and paintings of him depicted together with his two demon (oni) attendants can be seen around the temple grounds. Many of the temple's statues have signs in English that inform who they represent and add context for visitors. Twice a year, from early to mid April and once again from mid to late November, the temple has a special exhibition where visitors can see an image of a seated historical Buddha.

Getting there and around

Sakuramotobo is a 25 minute walk from the upper station of the Yoshino Ropeway (Yoshinoyama Station).

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