Amami Oshima (哇, Amami Ōshima) is the largest island in the Satsunan island chain that runs between Kyushu and Okinawa and belongs to Kagoshima Prefecture. The island's climate, beaches, fauna and flora (including mangrove forests and large ferns) make the island characteristically similar to the Okinawan Islands to the south.

Amami Oshima attracts with its beautiful beaches dotted along its coastline with white sand and clear, warm waters ideal for swimming during the summer months. The beaches on the island tend to be less crowded than those in Okinawa, and while a lot of the beaches are great for swimming and relaxing, some also provide good snorkeling opportunities.

In addition to beautiful nature, Amami Oshima has a rich human history and a unique cuisine. The island is additionally known for its revered Oshima Tsumugi silk that has for centuries been used to make high-quality kimono. As with Okinawa, the best weather is usually experienced on Amami Oshima from late June through August.

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