Keihan ({, lit. "chicken rice") is the most famous meal from Amami Oshima where it is proudly served in many restaurants for around 800 to 1000 yen. The exact combination of ingredients varies, but the main ingredients are chicken strips on a bed of plain rice. Over this, a mixture of thinly sliced omelet, ginger, green onion, shiitake mushrooms and dried seaweed is sprinkled. Chicken broth is then poured over until it submerges all the other ingredients.

The early history of Keihan is unclear but it is thought to have appeared on the island during the Edo Period (1603-1868) possibly as a variation of a dish from the mainland. Today the meal is still widely enjoyed by the people of Amami Oshima and is thought to have endured due to its healthy ingredients and light flavor complimentary to the island's hot climate.

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